Olssons Ewe Beauty 365 20kg

Olssons Ewe Beauty 365 20kg


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Olsson’s Ewe Beauty 365 is an advanced block containing a balanced array of trace elements, vitamins & minerals. This supplement provides targeted supplementation for sheep grazing all types of pastures in all seasons.

Nutritional Analysis – Guaranteed Minimums: Bypass Protein Meal 15% Total Protein Equivalents Max 5%, Molasses 6%, Calcium (Ca) 13.2%, Phosphorus (P) 3%,  Sulphur (S) 3%, Salt (NaCl) 47%,  Magnesium (Mg) 1%, Copper Cu) 100mg/kg, Cobalt (Co) 400mg/kg, Potassium (K) 800mg/kg, Zinc (Zn) 450mg/kg, Ferrous Iron (Fe++) 1350mg/kg, Tron (Fe) 650mg/kg, Iodine (I) 1400mg/kg, Selenium 38mg/kg, Manganese (Mn) 100mg/kg, Amino Acids, Biotin & Vitamins A, B1, D, E



Available for Click and Collect ONLY:
Farmco Moora – Orders received by 9am (AWST) will be available same day for collection after 4pm.
Yerecoin Traders – Orders received by 12pm (AWST) on a Wednesday will be available for collection by 4pm Thursday. 
  • Olsson’s Ewe Beauty 365 supports both rams & ewes for greater conception rates, wool growth and milk production.
  • Added benefits include increasing lambing percentage and lambing survival rates, and decreasing stock loss, while providing optimal feed conversion.
  • Ewe Beauty All Season’s block form is weather resistant and regulates the intake of nutrients, meaning the sheep can only consume nutrients as fast as they can absorb them. This leads to healthier animals, and a healthier wallet.
  • Safe for sheep of all ages and all feed programs.

Feeding Instructions: Make available all year round. Replace when consumed. Place enough blocks out to avoid overcrowding. Safe for sheep of all ages and all feed programs.
Consumption: Sheep 1-10 grams/head/day. Consumption rates will depend on life cycle of flock and the quality of available feed. High consumption will appear if supplementation is stopped & then restarted.


Olssons Ewe Beauty 365 20kg Product Information

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