EAC In-Fusion HA Liquid – 1L

EAC In-Fusion HA Liquid – 1L


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The EAC In-Fusion HA liquid is a supplement for dogs and horses designed to reduce inflammation and to aid with joint mobility. This formulation contains high quality liquid hyaluronic acid which may support your athletic animals and at competing times. EAC In-Fusion HA may also provide extra support to animals in their later years.

Active Constituent: Sodium Hyaluronate liquid
  • High quality and highly bioavailable hyaluronic acid supplement suitable for dogs and horses
  • May support joint health through inflammatory properties, cartilage maintenance and join lubrication in athletes or older pets
  • Palatable apple flavoured liquid that can be mixed in with food

Dosage and administration:

  • Horses (500kg) – Maintenance 15ml; Loading/Pre-competition 30ml
  • Dogs (1-5kg) – Maintenance 1.0ml; Loading/Pre-competition 2.0ml
  • Dogs (5-15kg) – Maintenance 2.0ml; Loading/Pre-competition 4.0ml
  • Dogs (15-30kg) – Maintenance 3.0ml; Loading/Pre-competition 6.0ml
  • Dogs (30+kg) – Maintenance 4.0ml; Loading/Pre-competition 8.0ml

Loading or pre-competition dosage to be fed once daily for 7-10 days. May be added to meal or administered orally after meal.


Storage: Store in a cool dry place below 30degree. Avoid direct sunlight.

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