Ammo Allwormer Horse Paste 32.5g (RED)

Ammo Allwormer Horse Paste 32.5g (RED)


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Ammo Allwormer Paste is a specially formulated oral paste designed to effectively kill tapeworm, roundworm, and bots. Ammo is also effective for preventing skin lesions caused by external biting parasites. This dual ingredient formula contains Abamectin and Morantel which kill parasites by causing paralysis.

Ammo Allwormer is the perfect oral deworming paste to use in conjunction with your regular treatments to reduce risk of reinfection and resistance.

Active Ingredients: Abamectin 4 mg/g, Morantel Tartrate 167 mg/g


  • Allwormer designed to target roundworm, tapeworm, and bots
  • Ideal product for rotating with other dewormers to reduce resistance
  • Can be used from four weeks of age and in pregnant mares

Directions for use: Use every 6-8 weeks from 6 weeks of age.



Horses: One syringe (32.5g) is sufficient to treat one horse of 600kg.

Foals and Ponies: administer 5 mL per 100 kg bodyweight.

Safe for use in pregnant mares, in foals over four weeks of age, and in debilitated & convalescent animals.


Withholding Periods:

ESI: Do NOT use in horses that may be slaughtered for human consumption.

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