Aluminium Wire – Stranded – 2.0mm – 1000m

Aluminium Wire – Stranded – 2.0mm – 1000m


Aluminium stranded wire: 1.6 mm and 2.0 mm in diameter.

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Nemtek Aluminium Wire – Stranded – 2.0mm – 1000m

  • The Nemtek stranded wires are made of high tensile material making them hard to cut thus increasing the level of security. The flexibility offered by the stranded wire construction makes working with this wire easier during installation and results in a neat clean look on the fence without compromising the fences performance.

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  • Aluminium alloy stranded wire:1.6 diameter, 31 Ohms/km, 2.0 mm diameter, 18 Ohms/km
  • Application :coastal/inland, +.5 km from coastline
  • Please note this serves as a guideline only.

Barcode: 6009532802391

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